OCTOBER 31, 2020

Elevate Artisan Market

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

644 Hall Road, Cairo, GA

An intentional gathering of local artists, craftsmen, and artisans. Come meet some of the most talented people in our area and see live demonstrations of their crafts.

Looking For Something Fun To Do This October?

Come to the Elevate Artisan Market and enjoy a day in the country meeting some of the most talented artists and craftsmen in the South.  This year’s market will feature more than 125 artisans displaying, demonstrating and selling their handcrafted items in the shade of the pecan orchid at Maisie Daze Fleecery. 

Elevate is unique because every item displayed has been made by hand-  you won’t see any flea market or pre-manufactured items.  Elevate was created to showcase the many varied talents of people in the Southeast and will feature painters, potters, woodworkers, jewelry makers, metal workers, sculptures, fiber artist, gourmet food creators and more.  It is the one market you’ll visit this year where there is a surprise at every single booth.  Bring the family and plan to spend the day browsing and speaking with our artists and see for yourself why there truly is nothing like the Elevate Artisan Market.

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Meet Some of the Artists to be Featured at Elevate 2020

Gourmet Food + Old-Fashioned Games & Fun + Meet Our Alpacas & Llamas

Cam’s Retro Designs

Camryn discovered her love for painting when she was fifteen years old and decided it was time to repaint her bedroom.  Instead of just a solid color, she decided to cover her walls with the same funky retro designs that she had been drawing on her notebooks at school for years.  The results were amazing and her love for painting took off.  Since then, Camryn has covered everything she can find with her throwback designs, from folding chairs to vinyl records and traditional canvases to signs. Her vibrant designs remind us of Woodstock and the Summer of ’69 with swirling colors and shapes that remind us of a time when all we needed was love.  Make sure to stop by and see Camryn’s collection at Elevate Artisan Market and discover art that knows no boundaries.

A New Chapter

Ever wonder what happens to old books that nobody wants anymore?  Many find their way into landfills where they are lost forever.  But a lucky few wind up in the hands of Dana Durwin’s where they find a new life as completely new works of art through her business, A New Chapter Art.  A few years ago, Dana wanted to turn a book into a letter so she purchased a scroll saw and began experimenting with cutting books into different shapes.  At first, it was just a hobby but as more and more people began to admire her work and ask her to create more complicated designs, Dana turned that hobby into a business.  With her scroll saw and a sharp eye for unusual designs, Dana gives old books a whole new life, turning them into multidimensional works of art that feature designs ranging from outdoor scenes to religious themes.  Make sure you visit A New Chapter Art at this year’s Elevate Artisan Market and take home an armful of Dana’s artful designs for yourself and anyone who loves books.


All products will be unique, locally created, and the result of someone’s passion for their art. Plus, you’ll get to meet our alpacas!

Take a Look Back at Elevate 2018

We had such a great time at Elevate last year and we can’t wait for Elevate 2019. We hope to see you there!